Antonio Rossi


" Antonio Rossi , composer that creates sacred sounds in short time , will stay long in the memory ."

Adriana Zamboni , Director

Biography :

Born in Perugia (Italy) in 1962. Academic musical with studies in Piano, Organ and organ composition, Harpsichord, Orchestra Conductor and Composer. He attended master classes studying with G. Scotese, W.Van de Pol, A. Conti, E. Fadini, E. Riboli, L. F. Tagliavini, J. L. Uriol Gonzales, M. Morgan, L. Lombardi, T. Koopman. He has performed in major European cities, in the United States of America and the African Continent. His musical interest was always concentrated in a very tender age composition devoted to research and innovative sounds with conventional instruments, and with electronic devices by following the evolution of technology, consolidating its original style, direct and communicative, aimed at different age public.

His music has been broadcasted by Rai Uno, Rai International, Mediaset, Radio RAI 3, Radio Vaticana and performed in prestigious international festivals. He has dedicated and composed music for well known artists on the international scene including Elisabeth Leonskaja, Murray Perahia, Laura De Fusco, W. Van de Pol, Michel Petrucciani and Antonella Ruggiero. He also composed music for the Biennale of Venice, the Teatro G. Pergolesi in Jesi Opera season kicking off the 2003/04 with the Opera "Pollici Verdi" and most recently, Eugene Rousseau, Ramin Bahrami, and Stefano Bollani, Francesco Cafiso, Grigory Sokolov, Jean-Marie Londeaix and Sol Gabetta. With the song Da lontano, played by Antonella Ruggiero, her music debuted for the first time in competition at the 64th Sanremo Festival. Winner of many international composition competitions (Paris T.I.M. edition 2002; "Caffa Righetti" International Composition Competition Price in Cortemilia - Italy edition 2003, 2005, 2006 and more), he has in his credit about 400 compositions including music for piano, organ, chamber music in various ensembles, vocal music, symphonic, choral and symphonic music, interactive electronics with traditional instruments, the most significant: Asincrone, for Electronic Sequences and Piano (1989); Concerto in G Major, for Flute and Strings Orchestra (1991); Toccata, for Piano (2002); Mosaico Tritonale, for Orchestra (2003); Te Deum, for Soloists, Choir, Organ and Orchestra (2003); Magnificat, for Double Choir and Organ (2004); Stabat Mater, for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra (2006); Paesaggio Umbro, for Cello, Strings Quartet, Voices and Piano (2007); Il cantico delle creature di S. Francesco d'Assisi, Oratorio for Tenor, Chorus and Orchestra (2008); S. Francesco d'Assisi predica agli uccelli, for Orchestra (2008); Requiem strumentale, for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2009); Fantasia Concerto, for Piano and Orchestra (2009); Sei Contrappunti, for Piano, First Book (2010); Sei Contrappunti, for Piano, Second Book (2012); Dissolvenze Atonali, for Quartet Saxophones, Piano and Electronic Sequence (2012);Interazioni Tritonali for Saxophone Octet , Piano and Percussion (2013). Algoritmo acustico su due operatori , Sonata for Cello and Piano (2014). Part of his compositions are published on CD by record Amiata Records, Columbia-Sony, Libera, Rara, Umbria Music Center, while the publication of his entire music work is curated by "Prendinota Music Publishing House."

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06125, PERUGIA, IT